There’s Something In The Sea!


Following on from the Bioshock 2 teaser trailer, an entire teaser website has sprung up, along with a viral advertising campaign.

The site has a map of the world with three points marked and dated on it, as well as documents and newspaper clippings talking about the abduction of young girls, bizarre footprints found on beaches and strange lights seen beneath the waves.

The dates on the map also indicate that the second game, which was originally thought to be a prequel, will be set, at least partially, around seven years after the first.

There’s more teasing going on though, as 2K Games have also started a viral advertising campaign, with hand drawn fliers appearing across the world bearing the teaser site’s address and imploring passers-by to ‘See the Proof!’

Some fans of the first game however, have raised concern over the prequel/sequel, saying that the first Bioshock was about as self-contained as a game could be and doesn’t really need a sequel.

The level of involvement of series creator Ken Levine is also causing some consternation as development of the game was passed from 2K Boston/Australis to 2K Marin. There are fears that without Levine’s input, the series will lose much of the originality that made it so popular.

Personally though, I can’t wait to get back to Rapture and see what has become of the undersea dystopia.

Source: Kotaku

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