thermaltake level 10 m hybrid angle

BMW Designworks has teamed up with Thermaltake once again to bring you The Level 10 M Hybrid gaming mouse.

The relationship between Thermaltake/Tt eSports and BMW Designworks USA goes back several years, back to the level 10 case designed by the latter. That same design tradition is being brought to Thermaltake’s latest mouse: The Level 10 M Hybrid.

The M Hybrid can be used as a wired or wireless mouse, hence the name, with the USB connector jutting out in front. Going wireless is as simple as disconnecting the cable, with the wireless transmitter housed in the right portion of the body (right where the pinky usually rests. The receiver is stored in the front of the mouse when it’s not hooked up to a PC, so losing the fingernail-sized USB shouldn’t be a worry.

In what seems to be a lasting trend, the Level 10 M Hybrid’s body is adjustable, allowing for height and width adjustments on the fly. The adjustments are tool-less as well, so no screwdriver here. The adjustable body, along with the vented shell, should make for one of the most comfortable gaming mice in 2014. My only concern is the lack of shaping in the body; this is definitely a right-hand mouse, yet it looks nearly symmetrical from some angles. It should be a good fit for those who like to use a claw grip, but palm grip players might want to look elsewhere.
Design and comfort aside, everything else is par for the high-end mouse course: 8,200 dpi sensor, rechargeable battery, nine buttons, and up to five profiles stored on 128 kb of on-board memory.

Expect the Level 10 M Hybrid later this month with a $99.99 price tag.

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