These High-Quality Gaming Tables Cost Quite A Few Gold Pieces

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Roll a D20 to see if you can afford an RPG gaming table from Geek Chic.

One of the great benefits of tabletop RPGs compared to video games is you really don’t need any hardware requirements to get started. If you have some rules, dice, paper, and pencils, you could start a massive campaign anywhere that an entire group could enjoy – everything else is optional. That being said, anyone with a passion for RPGs and extra money to spend may want to spring for an especially sweet gaming tabletop. One that say, is gorgeously crafted, features built-in shelves for character sheets, and includes a removeable surface for setting up a recessed play area.

These gaming tables actually exist, and in a variety of models to boot. Designed by Geek Chic and showcased last PAX East, everything from the number of player stations, to wood type, to cup holders is customizable. The recessed surface even seems to let GMs setup two playing areas in advance, like say an overworld and dungeon, flipping from one to another when the time is right.

All well and good, but these tabletops don’t come cheap. Each unit ranges anywhere from $2500 to $16000, which will absolutely cut into your supplement fund. On the other hand, if you happen to have a full RPG group willing to chip in? You might have a table that would last you for dozens of campaigns.

Source: The Awesomeer, via Geekologie

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