A DIY sculptor reimagines what Star Wars characters from all three original films would look like in a Victorian setting.

The sci-fi universe of George Lucas’ Star Wars draws a lot of inspiration from Japanese films by Kurosawa and pulp adventure serials of the 1930s, as well as some old Victorian era firefighter masks. We’ve also seem some artists take Star Wars characters and create portraits of them in a steampunk setting. Sculptor Sillof took that one step further by crafting action figures of dozens of characters from the original Star Wars trilogy as if they were flying airships and “X wing biplanes” instead of space ships.

These figures were made using parts and pieces from existing toys and sculpting on top of them using an epoxy polymer to create the shapes that he couldn’t find otherwise. “I usually work on all of them at once, so while the glue or paint is drying on one I work on another,” Sillof writes on his website. “Sometimes I sculpt over the old toy parts. Sometimes I dremel down the part using it more as an armature and sculpt over it. Often time I will sculpt an entire new piece. Some of the figures are completely built from scratch. It really just depends on what I want, need, and what I have on hand in my various drawers of parts.”

The Star Wars figures were created back in 2007, but I hadn’t seen them yet so I figured that you might not have either. Sillof has continued to create figures in this style for various IPs including Victorian Marvels (Marvel comic book characters) and the Gaslight Justice League.

It looks like at one time Sillof was selling his custom-made figures on Ebay but most of the auctions he has posted have expired. Sillof, if you’re still taking orders, our very own Susan Arendt wouldn’t turn away one of your steampunk Salacious Crumbs.


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