A thief caught red handed with a stolen Xbox 360 and TV pulled a knife, only to end up being stabbed multiple times by his intended victim.

They say crime doesn’t pay, which it doesn’t, unless you count being stabbed in the thorax as currency.

According to police statements: a Chicago resident was returning to his apartment complex at around 11:40am when he noticed the thief – a man in his late 20’s – exiting the building with a suitcase. The suitcase, it turned out, contained the resident’s Xbox 360 and flat-screen television, freshly nicked from his apartment.

When confronted in the building’s foyer, the thief pulled a knife. Unfortunately for him, he turned out to be even worse at dueling than he was at thievery, as by the time police officers spotted the two men brawling in the street, the resident had drawn his own knife and shanked his would-be-attacker multiple times. The thief ended up in critical care and, after explaining the situation to the police, the resident was released without charge.

Now normally I’d be a little hesitant to applaud someone for running the risk of injury over something as trivial as an Xbox 360, but providing “multiple” isn’t police-speak for “a thousand,” this sounds like a fairly clear-cut case of perfectly justifiable self defense.

Chicago Tribune Via Kotaku

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