This may be the coolest fan-made Batman suit of all time.

Cosplay is something that many gamers love to get into, but one Irish cosplayer may have topped them all with his amazing Batman suit.

Julian Checkley is a veteran of the film industry, having worked in both model-making and creature effects. He brought that knowledge to the world of cosplay when he created a Batman suit with 23 working gadgets. That was enough to grab the world record for “Most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit.”

The 23 gadgets included in the suit are inspired by both classic Batman gadgets and gadgets from Batman: Arkham Origins. Speaking about the suit, “There were many long hours trying devising the gadgets and finding ways to store them on the suit. They are classic gadgets but also some are specific to Batman: Arkham Origins. I am immensely proud of my Guinness World Records title and to be part of the Gamer’s Edition is just the next level.”

Here’s the list:

  1. Fireball Shooter
  2. Gauntlet Video Screens x 2
  3. Bat Tracking Beacon
  4. Bat Sign Projector
  5. Folding Batarang
  6. Grapnel Gun
  7. Cowl Respirator
  8. Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun
  9. Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device
  10. Bat Shuriken x 4
  11. UV Lamp
  12. Ball Bearing Grenades x 2
  13. Gauntlet Flashlight
  14. Medi-kit
  15. Battery Pack
  16. Laser Designator
  17. Bat-cam
  18. Strobe Stun Gun
  19. Gas Dispenser
  20. Smoke Bombs x 2
  21. The Bat Flask
  22. Concealed Laryngeal Microphone
  23. Two-way Radio

You check out more pics of the suit, as well as previews of the pages in the upcoming Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2017, over at the official Guiness World Records website

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