Zygarde, the “third legendary” from Pokemon X and Y will have five evolutions – the most of any Pokemon revealed so far.

Zygarde is the “third legendary mascot” Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y alongside Xerneas and Yveltal, representing the predicted Z “third game” in the series, like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum before it. We’ve seen the currently unobtainable Pokemon’s Z-shaped snake form before, but now a scan from popular Japanese Pokemon magazine CoroCoro has revealed that the legendary Pokemon will in fact have five separate evolutions.

Check out the magazine scan below:


The five forms of Zygarde are: Cell Zygarde (the cell-looking one), Core Zygarde (the blob looking one) 10% Forme Zygarde (the dog), 50% Form Zygarde (the Z-shaped snake) and Perfect Forme Zygarde (the giant Gundam looking thing) which is reportedly a new type of Mega Evolution. It certainly looks like Game Freak has started looking to Dragon Ball Z for inspiration…

The magazine doesn’t mention how Zygarde and his many forms will be made available, but we can probably guess it will be in the rumored Pokemon Z that we should be hearing about pretty soon.

Source: CoroCoro via Serebii

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