This Leaked Star Wars Footage Is Fake, But Fun


Is this a glimpse behind the scenes of Episode VII? Not likely.

Despite tight secrecy, we’ve already seen leaks from the Star Wars Episode VII set — including photos from Tatooine and the under-construction Millennium Falcon as well as rumors of the film’s supposed villains. But none of those leaks quite live up to this video, which cheekily claims to come from the set. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.

But we kind wish it were real. The shakeycam footage, meant to look like someone is sneaking around to catch glimpses of filming in progress, shows off a contemporary airport with a variety of different Star Wars vehicles flying and walking around. (Thankfully for the AT-ATs, there are no Ewoks to get in their way.) The effects are great and nicely blended with modern airport scenery… but we’re at least pretty sure that the flying spacecraft in Star Wars are all movie magic, which makes this a pretty unconvincing fake. Still, you can enjoy this video “what if” style all the same.

Source: Mashable

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