This May Be the Best Metallica Video of All Time


Wonder what Metallica would sound like if it was a smooth jazz band? Wonder no longer.

As previously discussed back when we posted that one video with the Star Trek lipreading, it’s fascinating how easily your brain can be fooled into thinking what it’s seeing is what it’s hearing (and vice versa). Sure, we all know that Metallica doesn’t actually play smooth jazz, and the only thing that stays constant between the real version of “Enter Sandman” and this cover version is James Hetfield’s singing… but it doesn’t make it any less amusing when overlaid on a video of the band actually performing the song live.

In fact, the timing being what it is, you’d almost be forgiven if you thought this was what the live performance sounded like. Almost.

Either way, though, it’s a hilarious cover, especially given that the vocals are essentially unchanged – but they take on an entirely different tone when the context around them is radically shifted. For a similar disconnect between video and audio, albeit one in the complete opposite direction, how about the death metal cover of Louis Armstrong’s classic “What a Wonderful World”?

Jeez, who would have thought that Louis Armstrong’s trademark pearly-white smile could look so mean with the right vocals? Not me.

Both of these, by the way, were the handiwork of YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt. Great work!

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