This Smash Bros. Fan Hooked up a GameCube Controller to His 3DS


A clever Japanese Twitter user couldn’t wait for the Wii U version of Smash Bros., and hacked his 3DS to work with a GameCube Controller.

Talk to any Smash Bros. fan and they will all tell you the same thing: the only serious way to play the game is with a GameCube controller. While the upcoming Wii U version will actually have support for the controller, the just-released (in Japan) 3DS version, sadly, does not. Furthermore, as I discovered for myself, the 3DS’s slide pad doesn’t quite cut it for a game that requires as precise input as Smash. So, Twitter user Midoriryu decided to take things into his own hands, and hacked his 3DS to support the GameCube controller.

Midoriryu’s monstrosity consists of comically large bunch of cables, scotch tape, and some modifications to the back of his 3DS XL, but hey, it works. He even put together a video of his setup in action, which you can check out above. Midoriryu – who going by his Twitter account, appears to be a college student – says the project took him around 26 hours to complete.

This is a super cool proof-of-concept, and no doubt means it shouldn’t be too long before unofficial GameCube to 3DS adapters hit the market, right? Or at the very least, Nintendo could take a cue and release its own official adapter…

But for now, we salute you, Midoriryu, for wasting your time making stupid, yet awesome, crap like this.

Source: Twitter via Rocket News 24

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