This Talking Plush Portal Turret Doesn’t Hate You


Never before has something been so lethal and yet so cuddly.

The characters of Portal are indeed a lovable bunch. You have the omnicidal GLaDOS, the buffoonish Wheatley, and who could ever forget that old friend, the Weighted Companion Cube? But personally, I always found the game’s turrets to be the most lovable of all. They were just doing their jobs, after all, and only the most stony-hearted gamers could massacre them en masse with nary a tear coming to their eyes.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before somebody turned the Portal turrets into a plushie. And oh, look: Somebody has.

Meet Trudi the Turret, a “baby turret” borne from the minds of Leigh Nunan and Jonathan Guberman. The plushie’s infrared tracking and motion sensors can detect when someone passes in front of the camera, when someone picks it up, and when someone topples it over (you monster). It plays soundbytes from the game accordingly.

This thing is super-cute, but unfortunately Guberman and Nunan know better than to mass-produce someone else’s intellectual property for profit. That said, Guberman indicated that he’d be willing to work with Valve on a commercial variant of Trudi.

Do you hear that, Valve? Do you hear the sweet cha-ching from gamers’ wallets around the world? You should get right on this, Valve, because I’ll gladly take three. Or three hundred.

(Via G4TV)

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