Thousand Pounds Action Company Unveils Street Fighter X Tekken Short


At long last, the always awesome martial artists and stunt people at Thousand Pounds Action Company have unveiled their Street Fighter X Tekken promotional short.

You guys remember Thousand Pounds, right? They were the collective behind those awesome live-action Street Fighter IV combos, that rad recreation of Catwoman’s fighting style from Batman: Arkham City and this surprisingly excellent live-action Naruto short. Well, after proving themselves to be highly skilled fight choreographers, Capcom tapped the group to create a promotional video for the newly-released Street Fighter X Tekken. That video embedded above is the result.

So? What do you think? Personally, I liked that the video had higher production values than Thousand Pounds’ previous work, but more importantly I appreciated that it continued the group’s long-standing dedication to making the finest fight scenes possible. This seriously rivals the best conventional fight choreography Hollywood can put together (though perhaps not Hong Kong or Thailand — those guys are just straight up nuts).

Verdict? A+! Two thumbs up! Fun for the whole family! Thousand Pounds once again unleashes an awesome vignette made doubly awesome by it being technically an amateur production. Propers to the good people at the Thousand Pounds Action Company, and here’s to Capcom for recognizing their abilities and putting them to good use.

What? Were you expecting something sarcastic at the end? Sorry. I genuinely like this thing.

Weird, huh?

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