ThreeSpeech Podcast Panned by Listeners


The majority of listeners to the “semi-official” Sony blog’s podcast have disapproved of the show.

ThreeSpeech, an unofficial PlayStation 3 blog that is loosely related to Sony, released the first episode of its Threespeech Podcast to a storm of sour responses. The trouble began when statements made by host Ben Furneaux during the show addressed an “unnamed” Microsoft blogger (no doubt a reference to Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb), despite the hosts themselves running their site behind veils of vagueness.

Furneaux stated during the podcast, “Microsoft have got their significant other and I think the PlayStation offering, if you ask me, is far superior and a lot less slimy. … When they [Sony] delay something, they go, ‘Oh, whoops. We’ve delayed it. Sorry,’ and they’re just honest about it, and everybody picks on them for being blatantly honest about it.

“Whereas with Microsoft, all their PR is very like trying to be your best mate, and I don’t like it, it’s very grimy. I get that feeling with the unnamed Microsoft blogger and podcaster, who likes to call his podcasts blogcasts. Oh come on, just because it’s Apple – just call it a podcast, that’s what it is. … It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to it on iPod or not. But do listen to it on an iPod. Or a Sony Connect player.”

Heavily-trafficked game site Joystiq wrote a scathing review of show. Major Nelson has run his site with full disclosure over his role as an official Microsoft employee and many would argue that Sony’s own marketing techniques have been significantly more distasteful than Microsoft’s. News of the podcast spread, sharing the dislike across internet forums. Some of the typical comments read:

“The tone and presentation are extremely strange. Sony must ‘mean’ something very different to a gamer in the U.K. if they believe content this insidious could possibly gain traction. Their gaming platforms must be very near to an assumption.” – Penny Arcade

“Unlike the writers on this blog at least he owns up to who he is and his role for Microsoft, I think its a bit unfair to call his site ‘slimy’ when this blog has unnamed writers and is ‘semi-official’ whatever that is!!” – GamerG

“I agree with joystiq – this podcast comes out as a trainwreck of typical Sony arrogance. Change the fucking record and maybe you’ll sell a few more PS3s.” – Monkey65

“Puerile, fanboy tripe. And the snipes made at Microsoft (Major Nelson specifically) where as cheap as they come.” – Jackie J

Despite these ravaging remarks, some listeners have stood up in support for the ThreeSpeech show.

“Every time Microsoft sends a representative in for a big interview, all important issues are completely avoided. In fact, their PR department tries their damnedest to make sure that hard-hitting questions are completely ignored and/or countered with horrible cop-outs.” – DJ

“Great Podcast fella’s , Its the first one ive actually listened to and enjoyed although I feel kinda sorry for poor Tom Eccles I could virtually feel the tumbleweeds blowing past during the Warhawk section haha.” – Dancryer

“This is already one of my favorite the whole church part had me cracking up. and your accents make it 20 times better lol.” – sean

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