PS3 owners who pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum will be in for a special treat: Exclusive access to the Batcave far beneath stately Wayne Manor in Playstation Home.

Playstation Home may still have a bit of an identity crisis, but what it lacks in having a point or not-being-creepy, it makes up for in silly gimmicks. Case in point, the announcement that everyone who picks up Arkham Asylum for the PlayStation 3 instead of the Xbox 360 will receive exclusive ownership of their very own Batcave, lair and private sanctum of the world’s greatest detective himself.

And then, uh, they can apparently decorate it with little couches and tables and love seats, gaze at virtual models of the Batmobile and the various Bat-gadgets the Caped Crusader has had over the years, and invite their friends over to Batman’s secret fortress for a dance party.

I can’t imagine that the Dark Knight would be very happy with that last one. Nor can I imagine why anybody would ever rather watch videos of Arkham Asylum in home when, by definition, they own the game and could be playing it themselves. I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say (gasp) that they really wouldn’t.

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