It’s a trailer, so do I really need to warn you about spoilers?

Update: We’ve replaced the original, phone-captured trailer with something a little more official-looking. Enjoy!

Original Story: The season five trailer for Game of Thrones has been posted online ahead of schedule, thanks to a YouTuber with a quick trigger finger.

Last night, HBO organized several Game of Thrones season four finale IMAX screenings across the country. After showing the last two episodes of the season, a trailer was shown for season five, laying out the groundwork for what we can expect starting on April 12th.

So yeah, plenty of spoilers ahead for the non-book-reading crowd. If you’re the media blackout type when it comes to shows and movies, I wouldn’t recommend touching the Play button up top.

Along with the season premiere of Game of Thrones, April 12 could also serve as the launch date for standalone HBO streaming. There’s still no word on pricing, but with Netflix still rocking the $9 per month pricetag, there is certainly marketplace pressure to keep the cable-free version of HBO relatively cheap.

Source: YouTube

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