Titan Souls Demo Available For PC, Is The Hardest Demo Ever

Price and release date are set in stone, with a Special Edition in tow.

Have you tried Titan Souls yet? We thought it was pretty nifty back at E3, and now the “glutton for punishment,” crowd can see what all the hair-pulling fuss is about.

Available now, Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital have posted a free demo build of its 16-bit-ish-looking Titan Souls on the game’s Steam page, while pre-orders for the full game can be done via Steam, GOG, and Humble. The demo is a “scene-for-scene remake,” of the Ludum Dare 28 game jam prototype made by the Acid Nerve team.

The video up top shows how far Titan Souls has come from its game jam/prototype days, especially since the Titans in the demo are significantly harder to push through than their game jam counterparts. Having played the demo at PAX East, be prepared for some noodle-scratching, some cursing, and a chance of controller assault and battery. It’s fun, but it’s brutal.

Titan Souls is available for pre-order at $13.49 (ten percent off its normal price), or $14.99 for the Special Edition. The latter includes the full OST, digital art, wallpapers, and a world map to reference in-between fits of rage.

Source: Devolver Digital PR

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