Titanfall Beta Signups Begin – Update


Titanfall closed beta applications are now being taken by Respawn Entertainment.

Update: The official beta announcement trailer is now on the tubes. Enjoy!

Original Story: The headline says it all but in case there’s any question, Titanfall, the game about the big shooty robots with the little squishy guys inside, is now taking applications for the upcoming closed beta. Applicants can apply to test either the Xbox One or the PC version of the game, and yes, the PC version does require Origin.

If you’re surprised that beta signup sheet went up so quickly and without notice, join the club. In fact, Respawn head honcho Vince Zampella sounded like he was caught off-guard too, tweeting, “Looks like someone hit the button early! Site is live… Go, go.”

The beta hasn’t actually started yet but if you make it past the velvet rope, you’ll be notified by 11:59 PST on February 17. The name goes in the hat at

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