Electronic Arts has revealed the Titanfall release date and a very impressive collector’s edition for fans with deep pockets.

Titanfall, the sci-fi shooter featuring 24-foot tall mechs called Titans being developed by Respawn Entertainment, finally has a release date: March 11, 2014 (March 13 in Europe) on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. And that’s pretty much that, so let’s now turn our attention to the whiz-bang Titanfall: Collector’s Edition, a “serious fans only” piece of kit that will set you back a whopping 250 bucks.

And what do you get for skipping a car payment in favor of a videogame? An 18-inch “hand crafted” statute of a Titan, for starters, complete with diorama base and battery-powered LED lighting. There’s also a “full-size” 190-page art book and a big schematic poster of an Atlas titan. The collector’s edition will be available for all three platforms, but in “very limited” quantities.

EA also turned loose a Titanfall gameplay trailer that shows off a little bit of everything the game has to offer in a running battle through the streets of Angel City. It looks pretty good – let’s hope it plays just as well.

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