Titanfall May Have Season Pass, Pilot-Only Mode

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Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe says Titanfall may see a “Pilot-only” mode after release.

Earlier in the week, Respawn Entertainment head Vince Zampella Tweeted that Titanfall would not have a “season pass” – a term that has come to mean a collection of DLC packs at a discount. However, at a special Microsoft Store event in Connecticut, Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe said that Zampella’s Tweet was a mistake, as he meant to say that Titanfall would not have an online pass, a kind of one-use code for online play that EA did away with some time ago.

Heppe also hinted that while there are no current plans for a “Pilots-only” mode, the studio would see what happens after release. Pilots-only mode was requested by fans, as although the game is supposed to focus on the titan vs pilot dynamic, a lot of people enjoyed the “last titan standing” mode of the beta, and wondered why there wasn’t a similar mode for just pilots.

Heppe said that she has nothing to announce regarding a season pass at the current time, but given that the game is a multiplayer shooter, some kind of map pack DLC seems to be an inevitability (unless, of course, Respawn is *shock horror* planning to offer free patches! Like they did in olden times!)

Titanfall launches March 11 for Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 version to follow on March 25.

Source: Gamespot

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