Tony Hawk Confirms Tony Hawk Revival


According to Tony Hawk, skateboarding games aren’t dead yet.

Though industry executives have claimed that the once mega-popular skateboarding genre is dead, Tony Hawk says otherwise. The skateboarding legend has confirmed that more Tony Hawk games are on the way possibly as soon as 2012.

PixelatedGeek snuck in an interview with Hawk at Legoland for the launch of a Lego Star Wars exhibit. Hawk revealed that he’s “in the middle of making a whole new plan right now” for the Tony Hawk series.

“We’re going to do something probably for next year, but I can’t give too much away,” he added. “Definitely, we’re going to make new games, yes.”

So there you have it, the Tony Hawk series is not dead, despite what may have been an overambitious direction for the poor selling Tony Hawk: Ride and Tony Hawk: Shred. Ride and Shred were played with board peripherals that made the game more expensive to purchase, which may have been okay if not for the fact that Ride started the concept off with poor reviews.

Sometimes you’ve got to hit a low before you can make a revolutionary change though, which might be what Hawk has in mind for future games. There’s still plenty of room for skateboarding games to innovate. The best idea would probably be to combine the massive trick-lines of the Tony Hawk series with the focus on realism of Skate, or perhaps separate modes for each. Fans will probably take a look at the new games just as long as a board peripheral isn’t involved again.

Source: PixelatedGeek

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