Tools Up! is a simulation co-op game by The Knights of Unity. You and up to three friends work together to complete home renovations. What starts simple with painting and laying down carpets quickly ramps up in difficulty. Delivery people sometimes drop off key supplies during the mission. Certain tasks such as installing tiles requires the bucket to mix grout, but you only have one bucket and other players need it for other tasks, such as cleaning up or wallpapering. Further complications and the time limit add more tension to the growing list of simple tasks.

The game has a number of good ideas, but it needs refinement and polish before they turn into good gameplay. While I had fun for a few hours, by the time I mastered the controls, the tedium of the tasks and the continued difficulty of selecting the right object made me want to quit. If you enjoy repetitive and simple tasks, or if you don’t mind a party game with sloppy controls, Tools Up! might be worth your time.

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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.


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