This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Tormented Souls and The Artful Escape.

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Well I guess the release drought’s officially over, we’ve had so many review codes come into Escapist Towers we’ve had to sell some of them off as gently used wi-fi passwords. I played the first hour of like nine different games this week, it’s been like speed dating but where you get to piss on their face. Can’t cover them all but gratifyingly I can selectively highlight the ones that actually stirred something in me, whether that be admiration or a second round of contemptful wee wee. Starting with Tormented Souls, which as you might have guessed from the title is without hyperbole the most generic survival horror game in the universe. If this were 1999, that is, because Fermented Balls is deliberately aping old PS1 era Resident Evil Alone in the Dark fixed camera games and if you’ve only played modern horror games where you walk through a funhouse hall of mirrors for two hours then get a participation award then you’re going to fucking hate it. “Why can’t I angle the camera to look at the thing that’s about to twat me across the room?” Because it’s a deliberate homage to retro fixed camera horror games! “Why does the camera angle keep suddenly reversing and making me spin on my heel and sprint right back into the monster I’m trying to flee like a nervous deer at a busy junction?” Deliberate homage retro horror!

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