Total Recall Gets Mass Effect 3 Treatment


Node Studios re-imagines Quaid as Commander Shepherd in this new trailer.

This is one for the science fiction fans. Total Recall – aka We Can Remember It For You Wholesale – was once a great movie of the 1990s, and is due to become a remake in August 2012. Mass Effect 3 was the culmination of five years worth of science fiction gaming storytelling, and the folks at Node Studios have brought those two things together in this action-filled mashup.

Node is a collection of YouTube personalities merged with Collective Digital Studio whose purpose is to make, market and distribute “new original content”, according to Collective’s website. Node launched back in July 2012, with videos like Mario Versus Alien and their LAN Party series. Total Recall – for those of you late to the party – featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as the blue-collar hero who gets his mind melted for vacation chuckles and starts remembering things which may or may not be real. Colin Farrell has that role in the 2012 remake.

For me, I’d almost forgotten than the Total Recall remake was due. Hope it’s as fun as the mashup.

Source: Joystiq

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