Total War: Rome 2 Video Highlights “Very Hard” AI


Creative Assembly has released a video showing off Rome 2’s AI in action.

I will admit to not being the best Total War strategist. While I’ve had my moments of greatness, my usual strategy tends to be building an army so overwhelming that I can pretty much grind my opponents into oblivion. Generally speaking, I’m doing pretty good if I walk out of a battle with more than half of my troops still breathing. That in mind, Creative Assembly recently released some gameplay footage that demonstrates just how easily Total War: Rome 2’s AI can destroy players like me when it really wants to.

The video, narrated by communications manager Al Bickham, pits a player controlled army of Macedonians against a Roman force controlled by an enemy AI cranked up to “Very Hard.” The results are painful to watch. Bickham seems to do well enough at first, maneuvering and commanding his units with some hint of experience. It doesn’t take long however for the AI general to start picking his forces apart, countering each of his moves with ease and using buffs to enhance its army’s abilities. “AI generals are very much more able and eager to hunt around for situations where their activated abilities are going to be of use the army,” explains Bickham, as own his own troops begin to waver.

In less than ten minutes Bickham’s Macedonians are in full retreat, while the Roman’s come out looking fairly unscathed. All in all, it’s an impressive demonstration of the AI’s abilities and one that’s likely to leave middling players like myself feeling even more inadequate about their tactics. Meanwhile, more skilled players eager to test themselves against Rome 2’s AI don’t have much longer to wait. The game is set for a worldwide release on September 3rd.

Source: YouTube

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