Only you can save civilization from a rampaging horde of the undead in Trains vs. Zombies, the super-hot seasonal DLC for Train Simulator 2012!

It’s not about just driving a train anymore. It’s not about cargo and passenger manifests. It’s not about switches and speeds and making your stops on time. No, things are different now. Because today, the dead walk the Earth; and today, you find out if the blood of a hero runs through your veins.

That’s Trains vs. Zombies, the new Halloween DLC release for Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012! You can forget about all of that plant stuff, because nothing says “get offa my lawn, you brain-sucking scumbags” like a million pounds of screaming steel. Anyone can drive a train* – but can you save the world with one?

“With a zombie plague in full swing, you find yourself in Oxford amongst a group of survivors, one of whom is The Professor,” says its Steam Store description. “He has the entry code to a secret bunker beneath Paddington Station, and will lead you all to safety as long as you can drive everybody there!” But don’t expect a smooth ride – you’ll have to switch trains and even do some magic driving if you want to survive!

Trains vs. Zombies includes zombie and witch figures, glowing pumpkins and four life-or-death scenarios along the Oxford-Paddington route: Drive For Your Life, Be Very, Very Quiet, Off the Rails and Enter the Labyrinth. And check out those screenshots! Aren’t they great? Yeah, you probably want to get all over this before they run out or something.

[* – not everyone can drive a train. It’s actually a very complex job that requires years of training and experience.]

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