Written by Adam Patyk/Brad Mick
Art by Various
Cover by Joe Ng

Now you can capture all the in-depth details of the hottest TRANSFORMERS series in years: ARMADA! From AUTOBOTS to MINI-CONS-and everything in between-you’ll find stunning art and all-new bios on every page. Don’t miss out on the chance to get this exhaustive reference to the mega-hit TRANSFORMERS ARMADA toy line, cartoon, and comic-with a special comic tie-in to the next big TF series: ENERGON! Whether you want to catch up with your favorites or get in on the ground floor for ENERGON, this is where to begin!

Part 1 of a 3-Issue Finite Series

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FC 48pp $4.95 Monthly

Pick this up at your local comic book store in March 2004!

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