imageWritten by John Ney Rieber
Art by Jae Lee
Colored by June Chung

Previews Synopsis: Desperate times. Desperate measures.

The JOES and the AUTOBOTS face overwhelming DECEPTICON power as they struggle to establish a beach head for the U.S. invasion force–

Little suspecting that there’ll be no reinforcements, thanks to the treacherous ZARTAN. Unless LADY JAYE can fight her way past the psychotic WILD WEASEL, the sadistic BARONESS…

And the invincible dreadnought known as BRUTICUS.

Meanwhile, with COBRA Island’s defenses crumbling before the combined strength of the JOES and the AUTOBOTS, COBRA COMMANDER and MEGATRON turn the tide of battle by exploiting the heroes’ greatest vulnerability–their sense of honor…and the value of innocent life.

But when OPTIMUS PRIME has seen the horrors that the empire of evil inflicts on its victims, only one thing matters to the noble leader of the AUTOBOTS: Smashing MEGATRON.

Characters who defined the concepts of ‘hero’ and ‘villain’ for generations redefine them with grit, heart, and adrenaline in this epic 6-issue miniseries.

image image image

FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly

Dreamwave’s Tranformers/G.I. Joe #4 is set to hit all comic book stores this week!

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