Free DLC and a new name are coming to the game formerly known as Trenched.

After some brief legal drama last month, developer Double Fine was forced to rename Trenched, its tower-defense-meets-giant-robots Xbox Live Arcade title, to Iron Brigade for its European release. Now, despite the name change only applying to European territories, the Iron Brigade brand is coming to North America, too, and it’s bringing some free DLC content along with it.

The developer’s issue isn’t out of any fear for another lawsuit, but for multiplayer compatibility. Games of separate names are unable to connect with each other on Xbox Live. By changing the name globally, Double Fine extends each region’s online reach. Finally, Joe McAmerica, you’ll finally be able to troll around the battlefield with Queen Elizabeth.

The American change is part of a free update coming later this month, which includes some new stuff for players to tinker with. New weapons for your robot, clothes for your pilot, and a wave-based survival mode come bundled with the patch free of charge.

Iron Brigade releases in Europe September 22nd.

Source: Whiskey Media via GamesRadar

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