The new Tribes: Ascend trailer is a touching, heart-wrenching, reverse-slo-mo cinematic experience that might strike you as just a wee bit familiar.

Remember that sorrowful Dead Island trailer that made the rounds last year, the one with the little girl who falls to her death after her father can’t save her from a zombie apocalypse? It’s okay if you cried when you first saw it; it’s one of the most uniquely moving videogame promotional trailers ever made.

Now imagine all that sadness with the added tragedy of almost having the flag and then BOOM! Some jerk pastes you from behind and suddenly you’re doing a ragdoll swan dive off a 50-meter platform, and it’s respawn time.

Is it the most original trailer ever? No. Is it awesome? Absolutely. Remember, kids: “Friends don’t let friends llama. Gotta go fast.”

The PC-exclusive, free-to-play Tribes: Ascend is currently in open beta and set to go live on April 12.

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