Great news for platformer fans: Atlus and Frozenbyte have announced that Trine 2, the sequel to last year’s captivating tale of a wizard, a warrior and a thief, is coming in 2011.

Two things I want to make clear: I don’t like platformers and I never refer to anything as a “captivating tale” without a heavy dose of irony. But Trine, a fairy-tale game set in a wondrous, magical side-scrolling kingdom, was good enough to make me do both, so you better believe that I’m pretty excited that Trine 2 is on the way.

The new game will reunite the three characters from the original game in an adventure through a similarly fantastical world, with some enhanced powers this time around: The wizard can now pick up and manipulate enemies while the thief will have the ability to slow time. An even bigger change will be the addition of online and local co-op play, which will let three players team up to face the game’s challenges together.

Trine 2, which will also feature giant mushrooms, a greedy toad and 500 percent more rainbows, is slated for digital release sometime in 2011, “likely” on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and various PC digital distributors. Oh, and there’s a dragon, too. For more information, which is pretty limited at this point, have a look at the official site at

Source: IGN

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