The F2P title will take Minecraft-like exploration and crafting into a persistent online world.

Back in the day, all first-person shooters were called “Doom clones”, regardless of their Doom-like qualities. Perhaps one day we’ll find a convenient label for the tide of voxel-based exploration games we find rapidly rising to our waist. The MMO specialists at Trion Games have announced one themselves. Entitled Trove, it aims to mix procedurally generated worlds, persistent player creations, and RPG elements, in one colorful, free-to-play wrapper of a game.

The label Minecraft clone is especially inaccurate here, as Trove is more inspired by Cubeworld than anything else. It lets players explore and quest through a blocky landscape as they both find and craft new items. While the world constantly remakes itself, your Cornerstone, a home base of sorts, will always remain. Players can craft new weapons, creatures and environments, and those creations can actually appear in the game world for others.

Trove started out as a side-project by a few Trion employees, but now they feel that it’s ready to get the attention of a full project. However, there’s still plenty more details to nail down, and if you’d like to voice your opinion, you can sign up for the alpha and get a sneak-peek.

Source: Trove via Massively

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