Tron’s Light Cycles Get a Lego Facelift


Is there anything Lego can’t do? Based on this strikingly apt recreation of the most famous scene from 1982’s Tron, the answer is “no.”

“But Nex,” you say, “Tron’s light cycles are hyper futuristic and Lego blocks are decidedly retro. That can’t never ever work!”

That was my feeling when I originally read the headline in my RSS, but on taking a peek at the work, I’m extremely impressed. Everything from the solid wake following the bikes to the sparse, sterile environment of the film’s virtual reality is spot on.

It’s so well constructed that I’m left wondering how awesome it would be if Lego were to acquire the rights to the film. You have no idea how often I find myself in need of a tiny, plastic Bruce Boxleitner.

I’m sure Tiny Bruce would join me in giving an extra gold star to project creator “2×4,” who was kind enough to offer instructions on how to put this thing together on the project’s Flickr page.


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