True Detective Season Two Gets A Trailer, Sweet Mustache


Seriously though, that’s a sweet mustache, Colin.

Well look what the Yellow King dragged in! HBO just posted a trailer for the second season of True Detective on its YouTube channel, and the 60-second spot confirms what we already know, without adding much to the spoiler pile.

Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor Kitsch are all present, with three of the four rocking a police badge of some sort. Farrell (In Bruges, Total Recall) and McAdams (Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows ) are Ray Velcoro and Ani Bezzerides, detective-partners in the Sheriff’s office. Kitsch (John Carter, Snakes on a Plane) plays Paul Woodrugh, a war veteran-turned-highway patrol motorcycle cop. Vaughn (Unfinished Business, The Internship) comes in as the local crime lord, Frank Seymon, who has some sort of pre-existing relationship with Velcoro.

If you were looking for a reason to snag HBO Now beyond Game of Thrones? Writer Nic Pizzolatto (who created the series, and wrote all the episodes in True Detective season one) might have just piqued your curiosity.

Source: HBO (YouTube)

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