Everybody’s favorite Cary Elwes movie, The Princess Bride, is finally being made into a videogame.

Worldwide Biggies, “a digital entertainment studio creating online experiences for kids, families and young adults,” has entered into an exclusive deal with Act III Licensing to bring the 1987 classic to the videogame audience. A limited edition of the game will be included with the upcoming 20th Anniversary DVD edition of the movie, set to be released later this year, while the full game, will be available via download in spring of 2008.

Worldwide Biggies CEO Albie Hecht said the game, known in full as True Love and High Adventure – The Official Princess Bride Game, “has a strong chance to tap into the burgeoning casual gaming audience,” but that his company had no plans to distribute the game via regular retail channels.

Though not a major commercial success, The Princess Bride went on to become a cult favorite, consistently rated highly by both fans and critics. The cast included Elwes, Robin Wright Penn, Mandy Patinkin, Christopher Guest, Andre the Giant, Billy Crystal and many others. It currently sits at number 144 on the Internet Movie Database list of the Top 250 Movies of All Time, with over 84,000 votes.

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