Here’s the latest salvo in the battle to bring Fallout‘s Pip-Boy device into the real world: a Blackberry theme that not only looks awesome, but also works.

The iPod Touch Pip-Boy 3000 was good but not good enough. It looked like the real deal, especially considering it was installed in the Pip-Boy watch that came with the Survival Edition of Fallout 3. But it was pretty superficial – essentially it was just the device displaying a slideshow of Pip-Boy and Fallout screenshots in its Photo Gallery mode. Sure, it could play Fallout music, but that was it. Boo-urns.

I’m an iPhone guy. And though staunch my stance in the opposing camp shall remain, I’ll give Blackberry users this much: they have the better hardware for making a real Pip-Boy. It doesn’t have the looks, but what this Blackberry Pip-Boy theme lacks in form it makes up for in function.

Whipped up by intrepid modder sadosdemetrios, the theme turns your Blackberry interface into a Pip-Boy screen, except instead of displaying health percentages for your character’s arms and limbs, it has selectable icons for the various functions of your machine: calendar, email, contacts list, phone and more. So you can actually whip out your Pip-Boy looking device and do something useful with it. It also tracks battery power as HP. Nice.

Still can’t take Rad-Away or change clothes with it, though. Download the theme over here.


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