Dinosaurs may be long extinct, but Turok has been resurrected and will make its way to consoles next year.

Vancouver-based studio Propaganda Games is working on a re
imagining of the Nintendo 64 hit shooter Turok, and the company’s vice president, Josh Holmes, has spoken at some length about the vision and execution.

In an interview with Shacknews.com, Holmes said it was important to recognize the original Turok for what it was: “I think Turok was the first console shooter to really get the console shooting experience right. … The things we really loved about it was, it was the first one to really take you out into what felt like a lush expansive outdoor world that was there for you to explore.”

Despite the infamous fog masking of draw distance and scripting, he added, the environment and cues created a sense of an open environment.

Holmes conceded that the franchise had been spun into silliness with wildly off the mark follow-ups and said his development team was keen not to repeat those errors.

To that end, the protagonist will no longer be depicted as a stereotypical Native American, though his heritage will play some role in his identity. Furthermore, the puzzle-jumping elements of the past will also be relegated to the back burner.

The game is slated for a simultaneous PS3 and 360 release and utilizes a “heavily modified” version of the Unreal 3 engine, Holmes said. He said a PC version is “definitely on the radar.”

The game is due out February 5 of 2008.

Source: Shacknews.com

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