Anyone with a Twitter account has all the tools he or she needs to ask BioWare anything he or she wants.

If you have a question that you’ve been dying to ask the folks at BioWare, you’re finally going to get your chance, as the studio is going to be answering questions live at Gamescom. If you’ve ever had a burning desire to know whether Hawke can juggle, or if Commander Shepard takes sugar in his coffee now’s the time to ask. Or perhaps you have a more sensible question, which is ok too.

At 4:00PM local time – which is 3PM GMT, 10AM EST, and 7AM PST – BioWare will answer your questions about Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes. Then at 6.15PM local time – or 5:15PM GMT, 12:15PM EST, and 9:15AM PST – Fernando Melo and Mike Gamble, producers of Dragon Age and Mass Effect respectively, will take to the stage and answer even more questions. All you need to do to get your questions in front of them, is tweet them at the official BioWare Twitter feed.

You can watch the entire session live via BioWare TV. And if you needed another reason to watch, as well as the questions, it seems that you’ll also be able to watch our very own Miracle of Sound take to the stage for an interview, and to debut his new song.

UPDATE: It turns out that Miracle of Sound’s BioWare interview is actually tomorrow at around 6PM GMT, or 1PM EST/10AM PST. You’ll be able to watch him live on stage on BioWare TV, and then watch the song on The Escapist on August 24th.

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