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Twelve Minutes Review in 3 Minutes: An Unsatisfying Time Loop Mystery

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Twelve Minutes is a narrative adventure game by Luis Antonio, published by Annapurna Interactive. It boasts a star-studded voice cast in Willem Dafoe, the cop; Daisy Ridley, the wife; and James McAvoy, the husband, trapped in a 12-minute time loop.

You control the husband who’s come home after the workday only to have a celebratory dinner with his wife interrupted by a cop who’s accusing her of murder and demanding she produce an antique watch. The plot is primarily a murder mystery where you hunt for clues within each loop to get closer to the truth of the events unfolding. Any new information you learn becomes new dialogue options you can employ the next time around. Though, quite a few only open up new dead ends and expose a strict linearity to the overall design. Ultimately, the characters are sadly dull despite the A-list voice talent, the mystery is unsatisfying, and the final twist felt especially cheap and off-putting.

The intriguing premise of Twelve Minutes is weighed down by its lackluster story, the celebrity voice work does little to set it apart, and after roughly 6 hours, the unpleasant and confusing ending bookends an already trying experience. I would only recommend this game to the most hardcore adventure game fans, but for most, that time may be better spent elsewhere. The game is out August 19 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X for $24.99 and included in Xbox Game Pass.

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