This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Twelve Minutes.

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There’s a lot you can get done in 12 minutes. Walk the dog. Learn a new fact about the moon. Listen to an entire ad break on a commercial radio station. I, for example, can use twelve minutes to extinguish all your enthusiasm for a recent game you thought might have been interesting. Er. As long as you watch this video twice. So not too long ago I did The Forgotten City, assuming you haven’t. Forgotten. And I said at the time that time loops are becoming a trend amid a certain breed of narrative-driven adventure game. It wasn’t a proper trend yet because it was only indie games doing it. When something with some real money behind it rips it off and acts like they invented the fucking concept, that’s when you know a trend has hit the big time. 12 Minutes certains seems to have a not insignificant amount of money to swan about with. Daisy Ridley money, no less. Yes, that hot young starlet best known for her showstopping turns as “the posh girl from the new Star Wars” and… well anyway. James McAvoy and Willem DaFoe are here too to crank the star power up even higher and guess what? If the game hadn’t told me that big celebrities did the voices, I wouldn’t have been able to fucking tell.


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