Twisted Metal Creator Announces Next Game


Drawn to Death is an arena shooter set inside a 14-year-old’s notebook.

David Jaffe probably best known for his work on the Twisted Metal and God of War series, but today at the PlayStation Experience keynote he announced an entirely new project: Drawn to Death, an arena shooter that takes place inside a 14-year-old’s notebook. Developed by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, where Jaffe serves as Game Director, “the game takes place inside the notebook of a very creative teenage kid; it’s a violent and bizarre landscape filled with all of the weird, amazing, passionate, and exciting fantasies that are swimming around in the head of our teenage artist.”

“MAN it feels great to be back with my Sony family!” Jaffe said of the game in a PlayStation blog post. He described Drawn to Death as an old-school arena shooter with a modern twist, and you can see just how that plays out in the announcement trailer.

Drawn to Death is currently in pre-alpha, so it will be a while before we see the finished product. No release window has been announced, but Drawn to Death will be coming to the PS4 whenever The Bartley Jones Supernatural Detective Agency releases it.

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