Xbox 360 Gold subscribers now have access to 300 of the most popular Twitch channels on the tubes.

If what you want to do is watch other people play videogames, then is where you want to be. More than 800,000 people stream gameplay content on the service and more than 34 million watch it every month, and that number is about to take a big jump.

Major Nelson announced today that Microsoft has rolled out the Twitch For Xbox Live app, which brings the streaming service to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. That’s right, you can now use your videogame console to watch other people play on their videogame consoles. That’s kind of weirdly meta, isn’t it?

Twitch For Xbox Live will offer 300 of the most popular streams on the service, although you’ll have to grab the app to find out which ones. Twitch will also be offering an exclusive broadcast following the May 21 reveal of the next Xbox console at 3 pm EDT, hosted by Major Nelson. The app is available now from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Source: Major Nelson

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