Looks like Razer needs … wait for it … sharper security. Someone ruffians have broken into their San Francisco Bay Area R&D labs and stolen two of their prototype gaming laptop hybrids.

According to Razer’s Facebook page, the two Razer Blade prototypes were nicked earlier in the month and Razer respectfully asks that you don’t buy one of them should some criminal-type offer you one from the back of his truck. That’s assuming you have the cash in the first place. The current model of the Razer Blade with a 17″ screen retails for just shy of three grand.

From the Facebook post:

As you can imagine, the return of these prototype units is very important to the company. We have already reported this to the authorities who are working closely with us on this matter.

We take this act of theft seriously and would like to appeal for its return and discourage anyone from buying the Razer Blade prototypes from the perpetrators, whether online or otherwise, as they are stolen property.

Razer is currently appealing for any information regarding the stolen prototypes, you can email them at [email protected] to negotiate your terms.

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