Obsidian’s newest RPG is Tyranny, and it’s coming out in early November.

The newest game from Obsidian has stayed surprisingly under the radar. Everyone was aware that the developer was already working on Pillars of Eternity II, but did you know that there’s also another RPG titled Tyranny in the works?

Tyranny drops players into a world in the aftermath of being taken over by an evil overlord. But you aren’t the hero tasked with saving it; instead, you’re a high-ranking official for that evil overlord, and you have to set up the new world order. The decisions you make while roaming the world will shape how it develops, and the game’s official website promises that, “you will find the world a drastically changed place each time you play Tyranny.”

Obsidian has opened up pre-orders for the single-player only game, which you can find on publisher Paradox’s website. The base game, called the Commander Edition, will set you back $45 and will include the game, some ringtones, a forum icon and forum avatars.

Stepping up to the $60 Archon Edition will add several digital bonuses on top of the Commander Edition, including a detailed map, short story collection, wallpaper collection, original soundtrack, exclusive forum avatars and a coat of arms.

If that’s not enough, you can go for the $80 Overlord Edition that includes everything from both of the previous editions, and adds a digital collector’s guide book and a digital art book.

Tyranny is coming to PC on November 10.

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