U.S. Democracy Patched To Version 44.0


In the wake of seemingly countless customer complaints, developers have announced that a long-awaited patch for U.S. Democracy has finally been rolled out.

The patch, which brings U.S. Democracy up to version 44.0, is expected to provide a user experience significantly improved over the earlier version, which after an eight-year service cycle had grown sluggish and unresponsive. Numerous bug fixes and upgrades have been applied across virtually all components of the Democracy suite, including cabinet, judiciary, economy and PvP.

The President, which had generated the largest number of customer service issues, has been given the most significant upgrade: A problem traced back to the improper application of intelligence has been fixed, and the President should now scale properly to national crises. Other fixes include the removal of a bug that allowed the President to ignore debuffs from Legislative classes as well as a “Drain Treasury” exploit that caused the transfer of gold and loot to people on the President’s friends list.

The Vice-President has received a large number of fixes as well, including the removal of a bug that caused the Vice-President to aggro on friendly targets. The Vice-President has also been correctly reclassified as a pet.

Other fixes to Democracy include commenting out the Guarded (Blue) and Low (Green) threat levels in Homeland Security since it is incapable of dropping below Elevated (Yellow) anyway, a problem which will hopefully be addressed in future patches; the removal of the Torture debuff, which apparently was responsible for a “record number” of complaints; and the modification or removal of quest chains including Desert Storm, There’s No Cake Like Yellow Cake and W-M-Denied.

A full list of bug fixes and upgrades in the U.S. Democracy version 44.0 patch is available at Chrome Cow.

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