U4iA Studio That Aimed To Dethrone Call of Duty Shuts Down


U4iA sends its sincere apologies to all its fans.

“I created Call Of Duty to dethrone the established leaders back in the early 2000s, and you bet my goal at U4iA is to repeat that success again,” said U4iA founder and ex-Activision developer Dusty Welch back in 2011. But times change, and U4iA has announced it’ll be shutting down, effective immediately. Its browser, mobile and tablet title, Offensive Combat, is no more.

“It is with a heavy heart that we write this, but tomorrow, January 15, 2014, will be the last day of operations for U4iA Games,” says U4iA in a blog post. “Our sincere apologies to all of our fantastic, supportive fans over these last few years – we wish we could have done better for you. Thank you very much for your support and we hope to see you again on the other side.”

It’s a very sudden end for U4iA. Offensive Combat was still in beta, and until a few hours ago the studio’s Twitter feed was still handing out beginner’s tips and pointing people to its Facebook page. It wasn’t that long ago that U4iA was posting jobs listings, seeking engineers to join its Washington office.

Former head of communications Jeremy Dunham describes the process as happening “in the blink of an eye,” and it doesn’t sound as though the studio’s people had any inkling that there was a problem. U4iA’s 26 employees will now be looking for work; here’s hoping they land on their feet, sooner rather than later.

Source: VG24/7

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