An Ubisoft executive wants Microsoft and Sony to get off their asses and deliver the next generation of consoles already.

It seems like only yesterday when Microsoft debuted the Xbox 360, but that was actually all the way back in November 2005 with the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii dropping a year later. That means this generation of videogame consoles will enter its seventh year this November with no official plans announced by the manufacturers, marking the longest gap between an advance in console hardware the industry has ever seen. Rob Cooper, the Ubisoft executive in charge of Northern Europe, thinks that gap has gone on way too long and his company is chomping at the bit to work with new consoles.

“There have been tons of technological advances since the last round of consoles was released, and we’d love to see those advances included in new consoles sooner rather than later,” Cooper said.

Like any good Boy Scout, Cooper wants Ubisoft to be prepared. “The sooner we have the next generation of consoles to build on, the sooner we can leverage those advances to create the next generation of video games.”

Kinect, Move and even Nintendo’s rumored new console just don’t cut the mustard for him. “The peripherals and the updates to the existing generation have been great, but it’s typically new consoles that really spark innovation from publishers and the demand from customers,” he said.

What do you think? Has game design become stale from working with the same hardware for too long? I never considered that new technical toys might push design concepts forward, but I don’t think better processing is necessarily going to result in better games.

Source: MCV

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