In response to criticism on how expensive For Honor‘s microtransactions can be, Ubisoft says it never intended for players to be able to unlock everything.

Last week, a redditor analyzed For Honor‘s currency options – both real world money and the freely earned “steel” – to see how long it would take to unlock everything in the game. He calculated that players would have to play for either $2.5 years, or shell out a whopping $732 dollars to achieve this goal. In response, Ubisoft says that For Honor was not designed for players to be able to unlock everything, and instead expects players to focus on one or two characters.

“We never had an intention for you to unlock everything in the game,” game director Damien Keiken said in this week’s episode of Warrior’s Den. “For us, that doesn’t really make any sense. It’s like in an RPG. You know in World of Warcraft you would never try to unlock all the things for all the characters of the whole game.”

“Our intention, what we forecasted, is most players would play one to three characters,” he added, stating that the cosmetic unlocks available for each character were intended as a kind of “end-game” – something players would collect after weeks of play.

In regards to players who want to play more than three characters, Keiken said that “we don’t see players doing this in our game, therefore it’s true that they don’t want that.”

Source: Ubisoft

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