Ubisoft Making “Sexy” Mini-Game Collection for Wii, PS3


Online retail listings in Australia may have revealed a new motion-based mini-game collection with a presumed erotic twist.

Mini-game collections released for the Nintendo Wii are nothing new. Run through a field with a net and you’re likely to catch at least a dozen. Ubisoft has another on the horizon called We Dare Flirty Fun for All, but contrary to darts and bowling, its mini-games will be “sexy.”

The game hasn’t been officially announced, but listings for We Dare have been popping up on multiple Australian retail websites. Thanks to the release of PlayStation Move, Ubisoft is also gracing the PlayStation 3 with We Dare‘s presence.

The listings write that We Dare is: “A unique party game for young adults looking to SPICE UP their parties with SEXY challenges.” It features a “wide variety of game styles” that include “dancing, physical contact, and trivia.” It has “provocative controls,” “light and Frisky adult humor,” and “mature settings” for when the kids go to sleep. Despite these randy inclusions, the game is still rated PG, so it probably doesn’t feature nude Miis getting it on in a broom closet. Damn.

The most frightening part of the listings say that We Dare features “innovative use” of the Wii Remote and PS Move controllers. I don’t want to think about where Ubisoft wants me to put a Wii Remote with the intention of “spicing up” a party. More specific details on what games We Dare will include or how it’ll play isn’t yet available.

We Dare basically sounds like Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle brought into a digital form. It’ll probably be harmless, but I can’t wait to see exactly what these “sexy challenges” will be.

Source: Aussie Nintendo, via GoNintendo

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