Despite rumors to the contrary, French videogame giant Ubisoft has said it is not interested in making an offer to buy rival developer and publisher SCi Entertainment Group.

SCi had reported numerous “approaches and discussions” in its recent year-end financial report, following an announcement on September 4 of a possible purchase offer. However, a Ubisoft spokesman denied the company’s interest, saying, “Ubisoft has no intention of making an offer for SCi-Eidos.” The spokesman did confirm Ubisoft had previously shown interest in the company, but said it was too expensive to pursue. “We are looking at other opportunities for external and internal growth which can create more potential value for shareholders,” he added.

SCi, the parent company of Eidos Interactive, reported a $61 million loss for the 2006-2007 fiscal year. The company is expected to continue entertaining offers from other potential buyers, believed to include Time Warner and another unnamed company.

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