The newest game Ubisoft is offering up for free as part of its 30th anniversary celebration is The Crew.

Ubisoft has been celebrating their 30th anniversary with free games ever since their E3 press conference. Every 30 days, they’ve been offering a new game completely gratis. So far, you could have gotten Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (June), Splinter Cell (July), and Rayman: Origins (August).

This month, the free offering is The Crew, the racing game developed by Ivory Tower. If you pick up Ubi’s racer for free, you can look forward to the upcoming Calling all Units expansion. It will add police versus racer gameplay, as well as a 12-mission story that sets it up. The expansion is due out November 29 on all platforms.

If you want to pick up The Crew while it’s free, all you need to do is head over to the Ubi30 website, log in, and click the button. As usual, you’ll have to use Uplay to download and play.

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